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Vol 14, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents

Determination of ore contents of rare earth elements in geological samples by atomic emission spectrometry with arc two-jet plasmatron Abstract
Aleksei Sergeevich Shavekin, Svetlana Borisovna Zayakina, Bagai-ool Yurievich Saryg-ool, Irina Nikolaevna Myagkaya, Sergey Mikhailovich Zhmodik, Elena Vladimirovna Lazareva 59-71
Device and method of sample preparation for gas chromatographicdetermination of volatile organic compounds in complex matrices Abstract
Andrei Vitalyievich Oberenko, Sergey Vasilievich Kachin, Sergey Andreevich Sagalakov 82-90
Kinetic Features of the Process of Conversion of Propane to Aromatic Hydrocarbons Abstract
Ludmila Vosmerikova, Anton Vosmerikov, Yakov Barbashin, Alexander Vosmerikov 21-29
Multifunctional Composition Based on Surfactants and a Complex of Buffer Systems to Enhance Oil Recovery of High-Viscosity Oil Deposits Abstract
Liubov K Altunina, Ivan Vladimirovich Kuvshinov, Vladimir A Kuvshinov, Liubov A Stasyeva 30-37
Hydrogenation of levulinic acid to γ-valerolactone in the presence of Ru-containing catalysts based on carbon material "Sibunit" Abstract
Valentin V Sychev, Sergei V Baryshnikov, Ivan P Ivanov, Mikhail N Volochaev, Oxana P Taran 5-20
Investigation of the dynamic properties of seawater-resistant rubber Abstract
Evgeniy N. Egorov, Nikolay F. Ushmarin, Sergei I. Sandalov, Nikolay I. Kol’tsov, Vasiliy D. Voronchikhin 38-44
А new method of obtaining transparent conducting films of indium (III) oxide and indium-tin oxide Abstract
Natalia P. Fadeeva, Svetlana V. Saikova, Elena V. Pikurova, Anton S. Voronin, Yuri V. Fadeev, Alexander S. Samoilo, Igor A. Tambasov 45-58
Mechanochemically obtained phytobiotics suppress the development of pathogens Abstract
Igor Olegovych Lomovsky, Vyacheslav Yurievich Koptev, Marina Alexandrovna Leonova, Oleg Ivanovich Lomovsky 91-99
Inorganic nitrile halides in the synthesis of halogen-, nitro- and halogenated nitro-products Abstract
Оlga Golubina, Yulia Miroshnichenko, Anna Yarkova, Irina Perederina, Elena Tveryakova, Elena Anisimova, Galina Zholobova 100-110
Electrocatalytic resorcinol oxidation by active oxygen forms in situ generated in conjugate reactions on Pt and Pb/PbO2 anodes and mesostructured carbon cathode СМК - 3 Abstract
Галина Васильевна Корниенко, Татьяна Александровна Кенова, Василий Леонтьевич Корниенко, Алексей Александрович Кукушкин 72-81
Biodegradation of polyvinyl alcohol-based binary composites Abstract
Lubov Studenikina, Vladimir Korchagin, Lubov Popova, Pavel Savvin 111-119